Winning Deals in Heels Bestseller

Winning Deals in Heels

By Nancy Wallace-Laabs

Winning Deals in Heels is about real women, experiencing real success, in real estate investing. No celebrity gurus or TV stars. These women are in the trenches, doing the work, every day! 

If you’ve thought about becoming a real estate investor, you will recognize the feelings of doubt and exhilaration described within these fascinating, inspiring, and motivating stories.

Winning Deals in Heels is a must-read for every woman who’s interested in the real estate investment game.

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Meet the Dealmakers

Winning Deals in Heels, the new book by Frisco, Texas Real Estate Investor Nancy Wallace-Laabs, features Nancy’s candid conversations with these highly-respected women real estate investors sharing the defining moments and lessons they learned on their journeys to success.

Sue Abrams

Ranger TX Solutions

Kristin Gerst

Capricorn Mortgage Investments

Shenoah Grove

Texas Wealth Network

Belkis Guifarro

WBT Partners LLC • Latino REIA Houston

Sandra J. Nesbitt

Reddtrow Properties, LLC

Amy Sayre

August Real Estate Investments, LLC

Lolita "Lo" Sheriow

Harrtstone Management, Inc.

Susan Tierney

S2 Equities, LLC • Casa Bella Tejas

Missi Lou Wilson

Northbrook Realty Group

Jamie Wooley

W Streets, LLC • Iron Heels Mastermind

About Nancy

“'Winning Deals in Heels' has been such an important project for me, because I get to publish the kind of book that I wish I could have read when I was starting out in real estate. Plus, I get to spread the word about Hope's Door.”

Nancy Wallace-Laabs, together with her husband and business partner, Brian Laabs, co-founded KBN Homes, LLC, where they’re making neighborhoods great again, one home at a time.

Nancy has more than 15 years of real estate investing experience, owns several rental properties, and manages properties in the North DFW area.

Since moving to Frisco, Texas, in 2005, the couple has helped hundreds of buyers, sellers, and investors achieve their real estate goals. By actively seeking homes that are difficult to sell, KBN Homes offers hope, relief and options that build value for individuals and communities.

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Supporting our Community

Royalties from every retail purchase of Winning Deals in Heels go directly to helping people in our community.

We’ve chosen Hope’s Door as our primary beneficiary for the valuable work they do in offering shelter to victims of domestic abuse, and helping to build lives without violence

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How We Buy Scary Houses You Don't Think Will Sell

Scary houses are no problem for us! We love houses that need work, are vacant, or are just plain distressed. In fact, we specialize in purchasing homes that the average buyer won’t touch.

As a real estate investment firm, KBN Homes, LLC has several creative ways to buy homes that also help YOU meet your goal of getting paid to sell your client’s home! Here are the three most common:

  1. Cash purchase. Yes, cold, hard, real cash! This allows you and the seller to close fast, usually within 7-10 days for qualifying properties.
  2. Joint venture. We partner with the homeowner to clean up and fix major issues so they can realize a higher sales price.
  3. Owner sells the home to us on terms. Generally we can pay more for the house if the owner is open to getting a higher price over time.

How do you get paid? We simply add your commission/referral fee to the transaction!

If you have a scary house in your portfolio now, or if you come across one, contact us! We’d love to help you grow your business while making neighborhoods great again!