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We love to receive reviews from our clients! It is such an honor when someone trusts us to help them, and we take that responsibility seriously. If you’d like to give feedback, please share a review on our KBN Homes, LLC Facebook page.

I'm just very enthused and greatly satisfied by the whole situation. The transaction between me and KBN Homes was wonderful. Anybody who wants to sell their home, I would suggest going through them!

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Whenever I called them and asked them questions...they were always able to help me and answer the questions right away. I'll be referring more families to [them]!

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T. Hookstra

They're very knowledgeable and take the time to explain the entire process to clients. Whether you're in a distressed situation or making a purposeful move, KBN handles it all with professionalism.

B. Ross

Thank you, Nancy. It feels good to have our home sold and in your capable hands.

S. Clemmensen

Nancy is, put simply, outstanding. She makes complex & difficult issues appear simple & clear. As a real estate investor, her knowledge of significant title and/or legal issues is unparalleled. Without question, I highly recommend her.

A. Dunbar

As out-of-state property owners with previous unpleasant experiences with other real estate investment companies, we were fortunate to find Nancy Wallace-Laabs. We were consistently impressed with her knowledge, reliability, professionalism, responsiveness, and honesty. Nancy looked out for our best interest, and always exercised excellent judgment when it came to the sale of our investment property. She made it fast and easy, and we received a fair price for our property.

T. Demaret

I've worked with Nancy numerous times over the past 10 years. She's a consummate professional with exceptional business savvy and knowledge of the real estate industry.

P. Pries

Nancy has accumulated vast knowledge of the industry, and is generous not only with her experience, but with her time. Whether you're selling due to hardship, or looking to partner on a great opportunity, she can make your goal a reality.

T. Schneider

Nancy is friendly, honest, and provides excellent all-around service. She listens to your concerns, offers great information, and keeps you informed throughout the process. Highly recommend.

A. Karns

I have known Nancy for a few years, and we have had many discussions about real estate investing. She knows her stuff! She is well-rounded in her knowledge of investments, buying and selling strategies, and creative approaches to financing. Nancy has a lot of experience working through complex real estate transactions. I highly recommend her!

D. Ronquillo

My wife, Lorraine, and I really enjoyed your presentation. Being new to real estate investing, we found your tips and guidance very beneficial.

B. Staples

Our family recently worked with KBN Homes on a complicated home sale in the Dallas area. We had the pleasure of working with Nancy. She is friendly, experienced, and knowledgeable. And when we encountered complex issues that required outside assistance, she was well connected in the industry and helped us locate resources and solutions (i.e. legal, title, inspections, etc.). It took about five months to sell the home, and through it all Nancy was patient and positive. I highly recommend working with Nancy and KBN Homes.

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How We Buy Scary Houses You Don't Think Will Sell

Scary houses are no problem for us! We love houses that need work, are vacant, or are just plain distressed. In fact, we specialize in purchasing homes that the average buyer won’t touch.

As a real estate investment firm, KBN Homes, LLC has several creative ways to buy homes that also help YOU meet your goal of getting paid to sell your client’s home! Here are the three most common:

  1. Cash purchase. Yes, cold, hard, real cash! This allows you and the seller to close fast, usually within 7-10 days for qualifying properties.
  2. Joint venture. We partner with the homeowner to clean up and fix major issues so they can realize a higher sales price.
  3. Owner sells the home to us on terms. Generally we can pay more for the house if the owner is open to getting a higher price over time.

How do you get paid? We simply add your commission/referral fee to the transaction!

If you have a scary house in your portfolio now, or if you come across one, contact us! We’d love to help you grow your business while making neighborhoods great again!