KBN Homes, LLC is committed to helping other real estate investors succeed. We do this by leading, creating, and participating in real estate investment mentoring, networking, and education locally, nationally, and internationally. 

"Winning Deals in Heels" Features Top Women Real Estate Investors

Winning Deals in Heels, the new, Best Selling Book by Frisco, Texas, Real Estate Investor Nancy Wallace-Laabs, is the result of the author’s candid conversations with highly respected women real estate investors sharing the defining moments and lessons they learned on their journey to success.

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North DFW Real Estate Investor Meetup
North DFW Real Estate Investors

The best way to learn about real estate investing is to spend time with other real estate investors! Our North DFW Real Estate Investors Meetup convenes at Mi Concina, 4001 Preston Road, on the first Wednesday of each month at Noon.

Discover how to find, fund, and make the most of your deals! Seasoned and newbie investors share their tips and tricks, plus we have guest speakers who are top notch in their industry. Learn more here.

KBN Homes For Investors Know Your Exit
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You’ve got the funding and you’ve found a real estate investment property. What do you need to consider before you move ahead? How you’ll get out!

We share our top tips in this blog post, including important considerations for two popular strategies: buy and hold, and fix and flip. 

See how a $5K investment turned into a 114% return!

At the 40:00 minute mark in this video, we talk about how we used our small, self-directed IRA from Quest Trust Company to fund a real estate investment that paid off BIG! 

Are you a woman who has thought about or is seriously considering getting into real estate investing?

KBN Homes Founder Nancy Wallace-Laabs and several other female real estate pros shared their real estate success secrets at Quest’s 2018 Expo