Hope, Relief, and Progress Amid Uncertainty

Hope, Relief, and Progress Amid Uncertainty

I don’t know how you’ve been feeling lately, but when I walked into my local grocery store this week and saw the empty shelves, I felt scared!  I struggled to put my finger on why I felt this way, and I think it boiled down to this: 

In one day, with one media report, our lives as we’ve known them have drastically changed. We’re now in uncharted territory. What does this mean for our parents, children, friends, and even our future? 

Finding Hope & Relief in Our Mission

I’m not used to feeling like so much is out of my control (can you relate?) Like you, I work hard to excel in my field. In my line of work, that means serving as a source of strength, certainty, and optimism for people who are dealing with significant life transitions.

But when we’re thrown a curveball like COVID-19, it shakes everyone’s foundation. It’s the perfect time to pause and reflect on what really matters, and think about what we each of us can do to help ourselves and others keep moving forward as best we can in the midst of uncertainty.

For me, that means reaffirming my commitment to our mission of offering hope and relief to homeowners in distress. I know that homeowners in this situation are already emotionally drained from difficult circumstances like death, divorce, pre-foreclosure, and relocation. When you compound that strain with a pandemic and empty store shelves, it can feel downright unbearable.  

I can help. In every situation, that means showing homeowners all their options so they can choose what’s best for them and their families. Sometimes, I’ll buy their home fast, for cash, no matter what condition the home is in. Other times, I’ll help them stay in their home short- or long-term. I’ve even helped homeowners find food and childcare to ease their transitions.

I pray that you never have to sell your home under duress, and especially not during a time of additional stress like we’re experiencing now. But if you find yourself in that situation, please reach out. I will be a source of light and integrity to help you through the process.

Keep the faith

As I reflected on St. Patrick yesterday, I recalled that he was kidnapped by pirates and sold into slavery when he was a teen. I am sure he felt scared, too! Yet he went on to become a saint whose impact is known and felt around the world, even to this day.

In other words, have faith. Take care of yourself and each other, and keep moving forward. This, too, shall pass, with even brighter days ahead!

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How We Buy Scary Houses You Don't Think Will Sell

Scary houses are no problem for us! We love houses that need work, are vacant, or are just plain distressed. In fact, we specialize in purchasing homes that the average buyer won’t touch.

As a real estate investment firm, KBN Homes, LLC has several creative ways to buy homes that also help YOU meet your goal of getting paid to sell your client’s home! Here are the three most common:

  1. Cash purchase. Yes, cold, hard, real cash! This allows you and the seller to close fast, usually within 7-10 days for qualifying properties.
  2. Joint venture. We partner with the homeowner to clean up and fix major issues so they can realize a higher sales price.
  3. Owner sells the home to us on terms. Generally we can pay more for the house if the owner is open to getting a higher price over time.

How do you get paid? We simply add your commission/referral fee to the transaction!

If you have a scary house in your portfolio now, or if you come across one, contact us! We’d love to help you grow your business while making neighborhoods great again!