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We offer options for your home, and help you choose what's best for you.

You’re ready to move on. The house is holding you back.

Whether it’s a long list of repairs, lack of money, or the stress of a difficult life transition that’s keeping you stuck with a home you don’t want or need, we offer hope, relief, and options to help you move forward.

Brian Laabs & Nancy Wallace-Laabs

Yes! There is hope for your home!

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How We Help

Whether you want to relieve the stress of a difficult situation with your home or rental property, or sell fast, for cash, we have the connections, experience, and integrity to do the job right, on your terms. Our motto? “Provide value first.”

Compassionate Representation

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We provide compassionate representation that focuses on what you want to achieve.

Quick Sales

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We facilitate quick sales, at a fair price, on your timeline, so you can move on with your life.

Quality Renovations

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We do quality renovations as solid investments that breathe new life into our communities.

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How We Buy Scary Houses You Don't Think Will Sell

Scary houses are no problem for us! We love houses that need work, are vacant, or are just plain distressed. In fact, we specialize in purchasing homes that the average buyer won’t touch.

As a real estate investment firm, KBN Homes, LLC has several creative ways to buy homes that also help YOU meet your goal of getting paid to sell your client’s home! Here are the three most common:

  1. Cash purchase. Yes, cold, hard, real cash! This allows you and the seller to close fast, usually within 7-10 days for qualifying properties.
  2. Joint venture. We partner with the homeowner to clean up and fix major issues so they can realize a higher sales price.
  3. Owner sells the home to us on terms. Generally we can pay more for the house if the owner is open to getting a higher price over time.

How do you get paid? We simply add your commission/referral fee to the transaction!

If you have a scary house in your portfolio now, or if you come across one, contact us! We’d love to help you grow your business while making neighborhoods great again!